The Contracts Department were appointed by CUT UK to provide a Project Management service to oversee the development and commissioning of a bespoke diamond wire cutting module (DWCM) designed to sever 6m outside diameter "targets".

In addition, our scope of service included Contract Project Management on a significant North Sea de-commissioning project that included the successful utilisation of the 6m DWCM as part of an extensive array of subsea cutting tools.

We continue to support CUT UK on an as required basis.


The Contracts Department were appointed by ABN AMRO Lease N.V to act as Managers of a large fleet of ROV systems following the administration of Harkand ISS Ltd, the scope of the Management service included the following responsibilities:

- Work in collaboration with the selling Broker with a focus on facilitating and maximising value return.

- Management, technical and industry consultancy role in support of the appointed administrator.

- ROV asset maintenance and preservation, UK and USA.

- ROV asset recovery and preparation for sale.

- Vessel based fixed ROV asset audits, repair and maintenance.

- Consolidation of asset documentation, certification and historical records.

- Liaison with prospective buyers.

- Provision of competent ROV technical support personnel.

The Management Service was successfully concluded in April 2017.

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